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About Jacqui Sieger

Jacqui Sieger was born during the Second World War in Swanage. Dorset. UK. While her father Joshua Sieger. C.B.E. was a pioneer scientist on the new invention of Radar, as he had been working on the research for wide screen colour TV. His work took him and his family to New York, continuing the research into the new field of Colour TV.

It was not until the family returned to their native Dorset ten years later, that Jacqui found she had a natural gift for painting. Fascinated by colour, design and fashion, Jacqui trained in Bournemouth college and went on to be a trainee Buyer for Derry and Toms, in Kensington. London. Strangely, this is where her Grandparents had met each other in the sister store, John Barker & Co, in 1920s, working as Tailors.

With her London training and experience, she was eager to start her own business in the fashion world, like her grand parents, she made leather fashion goods which led her to move to North Yorkshire., and soon was selling to many leather shops in York. Introducing her to all the cloth and woollen Mills in the area, where she was buying her leather. This led Jacqui to extend her business to Horse Clothing and with the help of the Council of Small Industries was trained as a Sadler. Soon many leading Show jumping and horse racing celebrities in the Uk and abroad were buying her products. Through this time Jacqui still kept up her Oil painting and often sold her paintings to private buyers.

It was not until Jacqui retired back to Dorset, that she started to paint again. Unknown to Jacqui, her younger sister had been photographing the paintings. That was the turning point of Jacqui’s change of occupation and prints were made and shown in the Birmingham Spring show. Painting had always been a form of relaxation but now people were asking for more paintings and soon shows were booked with a steady sale of her work.

Asking Jacqui who was her inspirational painter, she replied,” Casper David Friedrick. “ I love the spirit of Romantic painting. She paints using her own pioneering technique of acrylic and the thin layers of Oil painting, creating a 3D effect. Her love of the skies, seascape and nature has resulted in many sales as it has appealed to the eye and soul of the viewer. All her work is very spiritual with the colours used have healing properties. Each one of her paintings gives you a feeling of peace and you can never tire of the image hung in your room, as the natural light will change the mood of the painting.

Jacqui has recently moved to a property in Ringwood, where she has her Art gallery and workroom. You can buy most prints and greeting cards and some original paintings, all on the best artist watercolour paper or Artist’s canvas. Most of her work is also reproduced as greeting cards. Commissions on most subjects are accepted and at reasonable prices.