Early morning red rose

About the artwork

This is a damask rose painted from a garden near a farm restaurant in Bridport. These roses are pre 1867 and used for their perfume. Giclee prints available.

This original painting is structured mainly from using a multi layer technique of illuminous acrylic paint and oils creating a pioneering effect of changing moods as the light moves through the room in which they are hanging.

The near mythical paintings highlight Jacqui’s staggering ability to capture the effects of light and shade of different atmospheres.  These paintings are cloaked in mystery and intrigue showing the incredible beauty of the play of light upon the earth.

If you would like to purchase this original painting or see a gallery of work, contact Jacqui to make an appointment.

Also available:

Reproduced on canvas & boxwood frames
Aluminium composite for outdoor use
Greeting cards
Commissions undertaken


Medium: Oil on canvas
Category: Floral
Size: 24 X 30 inches

Get in touch if you would like a commission of any subject, or reproduce your favourite photograph into a painting.